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Sham homeschools are fostering a radical right wing fifth column

Until the 1980s homeschooling was a benign activity that affected very few children. After homeschooling became dominated by right wing Christian theocrats, millions of vulnerable children (estimates are suspect because of poor reporting requirements) became virtual prisoners in their own … Continue reading

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Religious objections to our laws

Image via Wikipedia I had the temerity to suggest on a public forum that male circumcision was a barbaric practice. That raised a lot of hackles and you cannot imagine how long that thread lasted and how hard it was … Continue reading

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An Ethical Dilemma: Childhood Conversion in Christian Fundamentalism

Image via Wikipedia University of Sydney Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies Masters Dissertation This dissertation is submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for a Master of Peace and Conflict Studies by Melissa Ruth Juliet Bennett. 24-June-2009 An Ethical … Continue reading

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Are you a critical thinker?

Quality thought is vital. So why don’t schools foster it? By Linda Elder From the March 12, 2009 edition of Christian Science Monitor Dillon Beach, Calif. – How can we hope to thoughtfully address the economic issues, conflicts, world poverty, … Continue reading

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Child abuse

Never hit a child. Never humiliate a child. There are effective non violent ways to gain the willing cooperation of children. They don’t deserve to be abused. Love them and respect their dignity. Always.

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Genealogies of Ignorance: A Conversation on Childhood Indoctrination

Image via Wikipedia In a previous post, titled, “My children are currently being raised Roman Catholic”, I brought up the question of childhood indoctrination and examined a Catholic woman’s justification for requiring her children to be indoctrinated into the Catholic … Continue reading

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