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Director of Strategy and Policy for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason

 Sean Faircloth served five terms in the Maine Legislature. Faircloth served on the Judiciary and Appropriations Committees. In his last term Faircloth was elected Majority Whip by his colleagues. An accomplished legislator, Faircloth successfully spearheaded over thirty laws, including the … Continue reading

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Childhood religious grooming is unethical and can be emotionally abusive.

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Logically, morally, humanely and scientifically, the debate on spanking is dead

10 Saturday Sep 2011 Posted by Michael Goldfield in Child Abuse ≈ 2 Comments IN PUBLIC FORUMS on the internet, we have lively debates over whether Hitler was a hero or whether or not the holocaust ever occurred. We could also probably find a debate over whether … Continue reading

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Imagine a new idea as vital as democracy.

Imagine a new idea as vital as democracy. Now imagine helping it spread quickly throughout the world! Child Honouring is one such idea, an idea whose time has come. We invite you to be a part of the global movement that … Continue reading

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Parents are at a loss to justify forcing their faith on their children

  A forum participant writes: Richard’s original proposition that children are being “forced” by their parents to blindly accept religion has been discounted by multiple participants. If all of those replies don’t at least partially satisfy the question, then the … Continue reading

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Recommended reading

Religionists often remark that they do not see a way to live without religion. Apparently they are unaware that approximately 2 billion people around the world live lives free of religious control. It is not difficult and now a new … Continue reading

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Lebanese Youth to Bring Down Confessional System

Protests sweeping the Middle East have given new impetus to Lebanese youths who have launched their own revolt on Facebook in a bid — albeit improbable — to bring down Lebanon’s confessional system. Using slogans popularized by protesters in Tunisia … Continue reading

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You cannot end the religious indoctrination of vulnerable children

There is a presumption that religious indoctrination of children is a good thing. This presumption is based on tradition, not ethically valid logic. For certain sensitive children the horrors present in the bible and koran can have a serious impact on their mental health. Furthermore, because the horrors incite fear the memories are difficult to erase. Once indoctrinated, children tend to grow into adults that remain indoctrinated. The tide is turning against indoctrination and the trend can be accelerated. Continue reading

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Children as property of parents

Historically, children were considered the property of parents. Under the scheme of patriarchy wives and children are under the control of the family head, the husband of the family. Much of this hoary antiquated thinking is still promoted by far … Continue reading

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You have to put your hands together

Image via Wikipedia Pray We had a lovely gentle chat today, about being unknowingly led to pray. “You have to put your hands together, hold them up like this. Say thank you, to ..a mystified look.. for the food we … Continue reading

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