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End all physical punishment of children

A  raging argument has been going on for years over the supposed need for hitting children as a means to gain their compliance. Child care professionals have largely reached consensus that spanking and verbal aggression pose serious risks to children, … Continue reading

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The value of believing in free will

Research Article Encouraging a Belief in Determinism Increases Cheating Kathleen D. Vohs Department of Marketing, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, Jonathan W. Schooler Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia ABSTRACT—Does moral behavior draw on a belief in … Continue reading

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Media coverage of and commentary on Gregory Paul’s research

MEDIA COVERAGE OF AND COMMENTARY ON GSP RESEARCH ANALYSIS – Gregory Paul on Religion Domain-of-Darwin at Deviant Art blog 12/29/09 Are We Better Off Without Religion? Susan Blackmore The Guardian 12/8/09 Who Needs God When We’ve Got Mammon? David Villano … Continue reading

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The effects of early religious training

Image by BenSpark via Flickr The effects of early religious training: Implications for… Authors: Hanna, Fred J. Myer, Rick A. Source: Counseling & Values; Oct94, Vol. 39 Issue 1, p32, 10p Document Type: Article Subject Terms: *CHILDREN RELIGION RELIGIOUS life … Continue reading

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Encouraging news on child abuse front

Child abuse is a syndrome. Those abused grow up to abuse their children. Our present system of managing the problem is too little too late. Continue reading

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Scientific literature on religion and child abuse

Help us build a reference list of scientific studies linking religion and child abuse. Is there such a thing as religious inspired child abuse? Add the citations below in the comments section, please. Bottoms, B. L., Shaver, P. R., Goodman, … Continue reading

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