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To All Religious Teenagers

Reblog from YouTube Hit REPLAY to watch To All Religious Teenagers Would you believe in Giraffism if only one person believed in it? Of course not!

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Forcing children into faith is ethically objectionable

The indoctrination of children is done without their informed consent. How could a three year old child be informed? Forcing children into faith is ethically objectionable for that reason alone, but on top of this, the process deliberately: fosters an … Continue reading

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‘Christianity stole my childhood’ – Katy Perry

KATY Perry says she left her strict religious upbringing behind after her evangelical minister parents left her without a childhood. The pop singer is on the cover of the June issue of Vanity Fair magazine, where she revealed the differences … Continue reading

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Osama bin Laden did the world a huge service

Throughout history organized religion has been co-opted by truly warped power mad men who left destruction and horror in their wake. Osama Bin Laden and his crazed Islamic followers were such men. In a way we have him to thank … Continue reading

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Children discuss Jesus with the vicar

Children think of possibilities that elude grownups. Amazing creative insights come from the mouths of babes. They lack false modesty and have no restrictions on their ability to formulate ideas. Unfortunately, indoctrination weakens and possibly dulls forever this profound quality … Continue reading

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How powerful is childhood religious indoctrination?

Mormonism would cease to exist in just a few generations if it were not for the indoctrination of hapless gulible children. The foundation of the LDS faith rests on the Mormon Bible, which is a transparent rip off of the … Continue reading

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i-am-a-post-mormon – Dustin Patzer speaks about leaving the LDS

Justin found his way out of the LDS trap. The steps he took will work just as well to spring the trap of Catholicism, Pentacostalism, or any of the other thousands of sects. The first step is to listen to … Continue reading

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Recommended reading

Religionists often remark that they do not see a way to live without religion. Apparently they are unaware that approximately 2 billion people around the world live lives free of religious control. It is not difficult and now a new … Continue reading

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Lebanese Youth to Bring Down Confessional System

Protests sweeping the Middle East have given new impetus to Lebanese youths who have launched their own revolt on Facebook in a bid — albeit improbable — to bring down Lebanon’s confessional system. Using slogans popularized by protesters in Tunisia … Continue reading

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Children’s Rights and the Parental Authority to Instill a Specific Value System

Essays in Philosophy Volume 7 Issue 1 Liberalism, Feminism, Multiculturalism Article 10 January 2006 Jeffrey Morgan University College of the Fraser Valley The following is an excerpt of the Jeffrey Morgan paper. Further, whether or not a child is … Continue reading

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