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Focus on the familily is a political organization masquerading as a relgious organization

Before you write off Focus on the Family as some sort of fringe group, you have to understand that this fringe group has achieved main stream acceptance around the world and they have vast media resources that constantly pump out … Continue reading

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Director of Strategy and Policy for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason

 Sean Faircloth served five terms in the Maine Legislature. Faircloth served on the Judiciary and Appropriations Committees. In his last term Faircloth was elected Majority Whip by his colleagues. An accomplished legislator, Faircloth successfully spearheaded over thirty laws, including the … Continue reading

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Why Government Becomes the Scapegoat

Print this Article Tell a Friend Share on Facebook Tweet this “The biggest problem with scapegoating government is that it makes it much harder to solve our pressing social and economic problems.” Conservatives and business like to blame government for most of the … Continue reading

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Imagine a new idea as vital as democracy.

Imagine a new idea as vital as democracy. Now imagine helping it spread quickly throughout the world! Child Honouring is one such idea, an idea whose time has come. We invite you to be a part of the global movement that … Continue reading

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End all physical punishment of children

A  raging argument has been going on for years over the supposed need for hitting children as a means to gain their compliance. Child care professionals have largely reached consensus that spanking and verbal aggression pose serious risks to children, … Continue reading

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Lebanese Youth to Bring Down Confessional System

Protests sweeping the Middle East have given new impetus to Lebanese youths who have launched their own revolt on Facebook in a bid — albeit improbable — to bring down Lebanon’s confessional system. Using slogans popularized by protesters in Tunisia … Continue reading

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Have our minds become wrecks?

Cover of Biology for Christian Schools “I am satisfied the good sense of the people is the strongest army our government can ever have, and that it will not fail them.” –Thomas Jefferson to William Carmichael, 1786. ME 6:31 … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading

Image via Wikipedia They both feed on emotional appeals and they both employ propaganda that distorts history,  and plays up to the native fears and prejudice of the uneducated. They both distort reality with deliberate lies. Christian nationalism in the … Continue reading

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Abuses Against Children Persist Despite Rights Convention

Image by talkradionews via Flickr By Lisa Schlein Geneva 08 October 2009 Child rights advocates have kicked off more than a month of global activities leading up to the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of … Continue reading

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Blasphemy day — a new tradition

The following is a gift from my facebook friend, Torbjorn Nordhagen A Life of Blasphemy or, My Thoughts on International Blasphemy Day Share Yesterday at 8:58pm Tomorrow, September 30, 2009, is International Blasphemy Day. The date was chosen to mark … Continue reading

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