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Bigotry is a feature, not a bug

Recent advances in cognitive science reveal clear evidence there is a biological basis for bigotry. For a democracy, in which everyone gets to vote, this is really a serious issue we must address. Our world is undergoing rapid changes that … Continue reading

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Startling new evidence is revealing the powerful neuroplasticity capability of our brains.

The old idea that the brain (thus perhaps a mind set) could not physically change in later life is wrong. Illnesses like OCD, and PTSD can now be successfully treated using computer assisted training to essentially create new neuronal links … Continue reading

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Kidnapped for Christ trailer

Kidnapped for Christ follows the stories of several American teenagers who were sent to Escuela Caribe, an American-run Evangelical Christian reform school in The Dominican Republic. Category:Film & Animation Tags: * Escuela Caribe * Troubled Teen Industry * Documentary * … Continue reading

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Logically, morally, humanely and scientifically, the debate on spanking is dead

10 Saturday Sep 2011 Posted by Michael Goldfield in Child Abuse ≈ 2 Comments IN PUBLIC FORUMS on the internet, we have lively debates over whether Hitler was a hero or whether or not the holocaust ever occurred. We could also probably find a debate over whether … Continue reading

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This beautiful young man was needlessly taken from us

  Reposted from the website Milkboys. Last Sunday we lost another friend. Caio Lhennysson da Silva, 18, was found dead on a farm. He was half-naked; his mouth was full of sand and his body was showing signs of strangulation. … Continue reading

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Are bigots besmirching your blog, fouling up your forum?

Image via Wikipedia Bigotry 1. stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own. 2. the actions, beliefs, prejudices, etc., of a bigot. Synonyms: 1. narrow-mindedness, bias, discrimination. Some bigotry can be traced to … Continue reading

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