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September 29, 2011
New York Representative Carolyn McCarthy’s federal bill for banning USA school corporal punishment, HR 3027, news reports and PSA:
For Banning USA School Corporal Punishment:
American Civil Liberties Union Petition
Tell Congress to Support The Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act:

What American Schoolchildren Can Do For Gaining Their
14th Amendment “protective” and “due process” rights :
By clicking on the following link and completing the simple form, an automated letter will be
sent to your Representatives in Congress urging them to Support H.R. 3027, “The Ending
Corporal Punishment in Schools Act,” which can be sent daily:

Additionally, it is important to know:
Where Does Governmental Power Exist For Ending USA “School Corporal Punishment”
“The Umbrella of U.S. Power,” p. 52, by Dr. Norm Chomsky, reveals that the US SenateHolds the Power to End All USA School Beatings and Other Forms of School Corporal Punishment:
“The U.S.A. accepted the U.N. Convention Against Torture and Other forms of Cruel andInhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, BUT THE SENATE IMPOSED RESTRICTIONS, USING ITS POWER TO AMEND AND RATIFY TREATIES UNDER THE U.S. CONSTITUTION, to protect in part, the Supreme Court’s ruling ALLOWING CORPORAL PUNISHMENT IN SCHOOLS.”
Dr. Chomsky is an esteemed lecturer and professor of Government and International Politics at Harvard University.
Therefore, US Senator Education Committee Chairman Tom Harkin has the MOST influential power for ending USA school corporal punishment. While American schoolchildren of color, disadvantaged and special needs, primarily, face all
kinds of abusive punishment in USA schools, Tom Harkin has focused his attention on the following:
“…Tom is working to insure that the Middle Class has a bright future…” He has fought to
improve education in Iowa and across the country. He has worked to reduce class size, give
students better computer and Internet access, expand school counseling and safety programs and
improve teacher training. He has also led the effort to modernize America’s school infrastructure.
Each year he secures funding to help school districts in Iowa update and repair their facilities.
Please note: Iowa Senator Harkins resides in the top-performing state for education in America.
Do schoolchildren in US “paddling” states fit anywhere in his agenda?
Tom Harkin is the Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee that funds the USA Education school
system. These funds are those referred to in NY Rep Carolyn McCarthy’s bill. See news report, Bill for
Banning US School Corporal Punishment Introduced To Congress:
Senator Tom Harkin’s biography:
Sen. Tom Harkin

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Senator Harkin has a, “Tell Tom how you Feel About a Bill” link at:
ALL U.S. SENATE EDUCATION COMMITTEE MEMBER names and contact information, to
be posted here soon.
The following link is to their main website containing their contacts:
US House of Representative Education and Work force Committee Chairman John Kline was reelected to represent suburbs and rural Minnesota counties in the House of Representatives a fourth term in 2008. He has established himself as one of Congress’s foremost experts on defenseand veterans issues, a conservative voice on tax and budget policy, an advocate for education,and a champion for helping America become more energy independent. But ending US school beatings of disadvantaged American schoolchildren under his jurisdiction,
being targeted at them by American Educators who are under his command, appears to be for him, a daunting task. Fall 2011, the House of Representatives is expected to consider proposals to roll back FEDERAL INTRUSION in classrooms, eliminate wasteful education spending, improve accountability, support more effective teachers, and provide more flexibility to state and local education leaders.
Rep. John Kline’s contact information: MN Ofc: 952.808.1213, Wash. DC Ofc: 201.225.2271, email address for MN residents:
ALL U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE EDUCATION COMMITTEE MEMBER names and contact information, to be posted here soon. The federal bill for banning USA school corporal punishment was introduced to the House by Representative Carolyn McCarthy on Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011.

See news report, Paddling is Bullying, Outlaw It, Says U.S. Congresswoman:

Other links worthy of attention:

“Forced medication” in American schools:


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