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Religious affiliation within each state that h...

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Gregory Paul on Religion
Domain-of-Darwin at Deviant Art blog 12/29/09

Are We Better Off Without Religion?
Susan Blackmore The Guardian 12/8/09

Who Needs God When We’ve Got Mammon?
David Villano Miller-McCune 11/24/09
[ article Is Religion Hurting America?]

Why Evolution is True
Jerry Coyne (University of Chicago) at Atheist Alliance International conference 10/3/09

[Minutes 41:00-48:00 & 54:00-57:00 are a practical demonstation of how GSP's research is beginning
to radically transform the evolution versus creation debate from the long static discussion about
science and education to the new, dynamic issue of scientifically and socioeconomically reforming the
U.S. to produce a better nation.)

Greg Paul Elaborates On Healthcare and Religion
Dorene Braun  Examiner 10/19/09

What Healthcare Reform Really Means For the U.S.
Dorene Braun  Examiner 9/23/09

Does Prosperity Entail the End of God?
Ronald Bailey  Reason 9/18/09

Science, Religion Debated As Evangelical Takes Top NIH Post
Dan Vergano  USA Today 9/11/09

Is Religiosity Beneficial in Affluent First World Nations? (press release)
Evolutionary Psychology Journal 8/31/09

Religion in the United States and Other Nations
Art Hobson NWA Times 8/29/09

(Un)wired for God
Sharon Begley Newsweek 8/13/09 print 8/24-31/09: 30 09

An Atheist Asks, 'Does Religion Cause Immorality?'
Hugh Kramer Examiner 8/7/09

America, Land of the Free Thinkers
Tom Flynn Washington Post - On Faith 3/11/09

Disbelief About Belief
Tom Flynn Washington Post - On Faith 2/8/09

Evolution: Unfinished Business
The Economist 2/5/09

Baylor Religion Survey Under Dispute
Sommer Ingram The Lariat 2/4/09

Humanist Group Claims Baylor Religion Survey Flawed
Katherine Phan Christian Post 2/4/09

Council for Secular Humanism Rips Baylor Survey on U.S. and Religion
Sam Hodges  Dallas Morning News 2/3/09

Faith Hurts
PZ Meyers Pharyngula 11/22/08

Does Religion Make You Nice? Does Atheism Make You Mean?
Paul Bloom Slate 11/7/08

What Good is God?
Helen Phillips New Scientist 9/1/07

God and Good Behavior
Gwynne Dyer The Jerusalem Post 3/21/07

[A revealing comment was posted at

Bowling for God
Michael Shermer Scientific American 12/06

Religious Belief and Societal Health: New Study Reveals That Religion Leads to a Healthier Society
Matthew Provonska Skeptic Magazine 12(3)/06

[Featured on-line article]

To the Church, He’s Public Enemy No. 1: Researcher of Religion’s Link to Social Ills Comes Under Withering Attack
Alex Johnson MSNBC Online 12/15/05

[Also on-air MSNBC appearance by Johnson on 12/16]

Does Religion Increase Social Dysfunction?
J Manny Daily Kos 11/17/05

Religion Does Great Harm to Society: A Report Written by Scientist Gregory Paul Has Provoked a Lot of Heated Debate in the U.S.
Amalia Iaanaduioc Ta Nea (Largest Greek daily)  10/22/05

Religion Harms U.S.: Gregory Paul Sees Relationship Between Religion and Societal Dysfunction
Tom-Jan Meeus NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands) 10/12/05

Religion + Higher Abortion Rate? U.S. Researcher Sees a Link
Leslie Scrivener  The Toronto Star 10/9/05

More Religion Equals More Problems, Study Says
Kay Campbell The Huntsville Times 10/7/05

[Picked up by Associated Press.]

The Dark Side of Religion Shown by Creighton University Study
AOL News 10/4/05

Study Says Belief in God May Contribute To Society’s Dysfunctions
Julia Limb The World Today Australia  9/28/05

[Or hear the audio report including GSP commentary in MP3, Windows Media, Real Audio.]

Societies Worse Off ‘When They Have God On Their Side

Ruth Gledhill The London Times 9/27/05

[Widely reprinted in The Australian, World Wide Religion News, etc. Most e-mailed article on the London
website, initiated international coverage of the JR&S paper.]


Why is Land of the Faithful Pockmarked with Varied Ills
Martin Dyckman St. Petersburg Times 10/30/05

Religion: Harmful for Society?
Zenit News Service/Catholic Online 10/15-16/05

So That’s the Reason
Theodore Dalrymple The Wall Street Journal 10/14/05

Religion May Be Dangerous To Our Health
Lee Salisbury Dissident Voice 10/11/05

My Heroes Are Driven By God, But I’m Glad My Society Isn’t
George Monbiot The Guardian 10/11/05
Also the AlterNet

Gallup Organization Refutes Story Saying “Societies Worse Off ‘When They Have God on Their Side’ “
David Virtue VirtueOnline 10/10/05

[Not actually from the Gallup organization, is from George Gallup Jr., who after his letter to the London
was rejected, posted it on this right wing blog. Gallup Jr. has stated that "When I ask a question
on these subjects, what I'm always trying to find out is: 'Are we doing the will of God?," "The world
knows a lot about Jesus, but do they know him? It is for the churches to seize this moment, to take the
vague spirituality of the day and turn it into faith that is solid and transformative," and "We know so little
about mystical experiences, yet the religious dynamic is perhaps the most powerful of all in American
culture. This is a way to unite our country on a deep level and produce a more peaceful
world." (]

Correlation of Christian Ethics, Social Ills Knocks Advocates From Knees To Backside
Emily Maguire Sydney Morning Herald 10/4/05

The Dark Side of Faith: It’s Official: Too Much Faith May Be a Dangerous Thing
Rosa Brooks  The Los Angeles Times 10/1/05

[Most e-mailed article on the Los Angeles Times website, led to appearance on MSNBC by Brooks


Universal Healthcare Promotes Freethought

Freethought Radio & Podcast Interview  9/19/09

The Big Religion Questions Solved!
Equal Time For Free Thought Interview on 1/18/09

The Big Religion Questions Solved!
Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia videotaped lecture (82 mins) 12/2/08

Evolution vs. Creationism Debate
Marc Steiner Show, WJHU/NPR (Baltimore), Aug. 2000, rebroadcast Dec. 2000.


Hot Topic (of the week): Moral Depravity
Real Time with Bill Maher website 10/6-13/05


In other areas of research I have published in Nature, BioScience, Scientific American, The Anatomical Record, Modern Geology, Historical Biology and Cretaceous Research as well as a number of academic books. I have authored or edited books through Johns Hopkins University Press, Scientific American and Princeton University Press. Peer review services have been provided to editors, technical journals and the National Science Foundation government grant system.

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