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Lebanese Youth to Bring Down Confessional System

Protests sweeping the Middle East have given new impetus to Lebanese youths who have launched their own revolt on Facebook in a bid — albeit improbable — to bring down Lebanon’s confessional system. Using slogans popularized by protesters in Tunisia … Continue reading

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Media coverage of and commentary on Gregory Paul’s research

MEDIA COVERAGE OF AND COMMENTARY ON GSP RESEARCH ANALYSIS – Gregory Paul on Religion Domain-of-Darwin at Deviant Art blog 12/29/09 Are We Better Off Without Religion? Susan Blackmore The Guardian 12/8/09 Who Needs God When We’ve Got Mammon? David Villano … Continue reading

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Children’s Rights and the Parental Authority to Instill a Specific Value System

Essays in Philosophy Volume 7 Issue 1 Liberalism, Feminism, Multiculturalism Article 10 January 2006 Jeffrey Morgan University College of the Fraser Valley The following is an excerpt of the Jeffrey Morgan paper. Further, whether or not a child is … Continue reading

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Children have a right to secular, liberal education

The following is excerpted from a symposium paper by James G. Dwyer, Professor of Family law at William and Mary. The Liberal States Response to Religious Visions of Education There are several points to be made in response to … Continue reading

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Religions use cult indoctrination techniques

You need not make any presumptions about what a child would wish for their future to see that their right to an open future is seriously abrogated by what happens to them in the context of current indoctrination practice. Parents … Continue reading

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The effects of early religious training

Image by BenSpark via Flickr The effects of early religious training: Implications for… Authors: Hanna, Fred J. Myer, Rick A. Source: Counseling & Values; Oct94, Vol. 39 Issue 1, p32, 10p Document Type: Article Subject Terms: *CHILDREN RELIGION RELIGIOUS life … Continue reading

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