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Richard says: How children view the indoctrination experience

Image by Napalm filled tires via Flickr I have often written about the narratives people who are struggling to recover from their religious experiences post on the web. Many of the narratives contain common themes. For example, children are often … Continue reading

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Liars for Jesus

Image by George Eastman House via Flickr February 18, 2008 reviewer: Steven L. Roberts (Madison, WI) Liars for Jesus by Chris Rodda is one of the best written and most important books about contemporary American politics that I … Continue reading

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The Rise of Idiot America

George W. Bush via The following excerpt is lifted from the first chapter of the book, “Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free”, by Charles Pierce. The rise of Idiot America, though, is … Continue reading

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The Essential Role of an Enlightened Witness in Society

The Essential Role of an Enlightened Witness in Society by Alice Miller, Ph.D. Since adolescence I have always wondered why people take pleasure in humiliating others. Clearly the fact that some people are sensitive to the suffering of others proves … Continue reading

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Science vs. Religion: Ideology and Methodology

I’ve had several private correspondences over the last couple of days dealing with what I’ve started calling the Church of Dawkins.  A significant number of theists and atheists seem to believe that there’s some sort of cult forming around everything … Continue reading

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Why More Equality – The Effects of Inequality

Societies with bigger income differences between rich and poor seem to suffer more of a very wide range of health and social problems. Continue reading

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What if your child becomes religious.

Dale McGowan gives us a great argument in favor of letting children decide the important questions in life for themselves. Specifically whether or not to follow a religion. In our laws and mores there is the embedded concept that whoever must deal with the consequences of a decision is entitled to make that decision. Continue reading

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The Root of All Evil

Image via Wikipedia In The Virus of Faith, Dawkins opines that the moral framework of religions is warped, and argues against the religious indoctrination of children. The title of this episode comes from The Selfish Gene, in which Dawkins discussed … Continue reading

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