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Baby Girl Binns may pay the price

Image via Wikipedia I’ve been reading comments to this article about the Fort Wayne Jehovas Witness parents who are refusing a blood transfusion for their newborn baby girl. The child may survive without a transfusion, but once more we are … Continue reading

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Solving the conundrum of religious upbring

Image via Wikipedia There are probably many people in this discussion who have never read philosopher Daniel Dennett. In his best selling book, “Breaking the Spell” he advanced a novel approach to the conundrum of childhood religious upbringing. He is … Continue reading

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God Is on Our Side. Does That Mean War?

Image by AFP/Getty Images via Daylife New Research Shows How Religion Is Used to Justify Violence March 27, 2007 Does believing that “God is on our side” make it easier for us to inflict pain and suffering on those perceived … Continue reading

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Why people believe in evolution, *not*

Image via Wikipedia Do you want to know why people believe in evolution? Read evolution denying Christian, Wayne Jackson. Here we have in one concise document all the contorted rationalizations you could possibly imagine for *not* believing in evolution. … Continue reading

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Johann Hari: Dear God, stop brainwashing children

Image by dotcompals via Flickr Let us now put our hands together and pray. O God, we gather here today to ask you to free our schoolchildren from being forced to go through this charade every day. As you know, … Continue reading

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