Troye Sivan will melt your heart

Troye’s efforts to aid homeless children are commendable. Listening to him sing this song he composed in their honor while watching the video scenes is heartwrenching. It doesn’t have to be like this.

If Troye’s song has inspired you to action and you want to aid homeless children around the world there could be nothing better that to actively support ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Senator Barbara Boxer and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are urging the United States Senate to ratify this important international treaty that has been ratified by 177 nations. Here in the United States over 300 religious organizations and Non Governmental Organizations support ratification. (go here for ways to help)

Article 27 of the UN CRC

1. States Parties recognize the right of every child to a standard of living adequate for the child’s physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development.

2. The parent(s) or others responsible for the child have the primary responsibility to secure, within their abilities and financial capacities, the conditions of living necessary for the child’s development.

3. States Parties, in accordance with national conditions and within their means, shall take appropriate measures to assist parents and others responsible for the child to implement this right and shall in case of need provide material assistance and support programmes, particularly with regard to nutrition, clothing and housing.

4. States Parties shall take all appropriate measures to secure the recovery of maintenance for the child from the parents or other persons having financial responsibility for the child, both within the State Party and from abroad. In particular, where the person having financial responsibility for the child lives in a State different from that of the child, States Parties shall promote the accession to international agreements or the conclusion of such agreements, as well as the making of other appropriate arrangements.

More background and information about the UN CRC: url, UN CRC ratification arguments

Troye Sivan Resources: Troye Sivan’s talent management agency, Group Three Management

Troye’s official web page

There are many videos of Troye Sivan on YouTube. He also has a MySpace page:

Troye will appear in a major movie to be released in a few days.

Troye Sivan boy singing sensation.

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