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How to Evict a Tenant –Colorado State Eviction Process in 8 Easy Steps

October 18, 2016

Eviction laws vary from state to state. What is permissible in Alaska is unacceptable in Colorado. But there is one similarity with all the eviction laws- you cannot take matters into your hands. You aren’t John Wick and neither are you above the law.


Two main reasons for Eviction

Even though you aren’t a cold hearted landlord, two situations force you to turn frigid and evict the trouble making tenant. The reasons are nonpayment (an obvious) and violation of the rental agreement.


Steps of Eviction process in Colorado

Step 1: The process of Eviction starts with issuing a notice. This notice in Colorado is known as the Demand for Compliance or Right to Possession or 3-Day notice. The notice must contain the reason for eviction. The address of the property rented must be specified. The eviction notice is valid only on signing.

Step 2:  If the rental agreement is month-to-month, the notice must be sent out a week before expiry. When the rental agreement states a specific date of expiry, the owner needn’t send a notice to the client as a reminder.

Step 3: There are specific ways of delivering the notice to the tenant. You cannot just break into the house and surprise the tenant with a notice of eviction (it’ll be hilarious but illegal). The notice can either be sent personally to the tenant or a member of the family who is over the age of 16. Alternatively, the notice can be sent out to the tenant’s work place either directly or through an assistant. For whatever reason you do not wish to take any one of these routes, you can always have the notice sent through mail.

Step 4: Once the notice is sent out and the tenant has the tenacity to ignore the request, the next step is to file a Summons and Complaint in Forcible Entry and Detainer. This contains an ultimatum which the tenant must heed to.

Step 5: The summons contains return date- means of quickening the process of eviction in case of no response from the tenant. This is time allotted to both parties to make their claims in front of a judge. If the tenant is a no-show, the ruling is in the favor of the landlord.

Step 6: Final hearing takes place when the tenant requests the presence of a jury (which comes at a price). During this time, the terms of the rental agreement is made clear by presenting the court with copies of the same along with the required evidence for violation.

Step 7: Justice being just offers the tenant a chance for defense which may include failure of the landlord to rectify a grievous issue like a gas leak or breach of rental agreement from the landlord or eviction solely based on personal prejudice based on race, color or creed.

Step 8: If the ruling is in favor of the landlord, he must petition for a Writ of Restitution which gives the tenant a limited time to vacate (as short as 24 hours).

Attempt at representing yourself only when you think you’re as good as Jack DiNorscio!

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The Difference between Locks Change and Locks Rekey

January 14, 2015


When you are searching for a professional locksmith in Las Vegas, the best place to look is at ASAP Locksmith Las Vegas. We have the knowledge and experience to suggest a solution for any issues that you may be facing with your locks.

Many times, individuals at business or residential premises will call a locksmith to change their locks for various reasons. However, they can usually choose to rekey their locks, which will save them time and money, as well as achieve a similar result.

In order to make an informed decision, you need to understand the difference between locks change and locks rekey.

Locks change refers to the installation of a brand new lock. The circumstances that exist where you may choose to change your locks include:-

  • When your lock is completely damaged and irreparable.
  • When the condition of your lock is poor or weak.
  • When you need extra security for a premise, or you want to upgrade your existing security features.

A professional locksmith will carry out locks changes in a way that amplifies your safety and security. If you were to try to change the locks yourself, you are highly likely to damage the door in some way, which may lead to you having to change the door entirely, give it a new coat of paint or purchase a new pane of glass. These issues could cost you large amounts of money, and they are all avoidable with ASAP Locksmith Las Vegas.

Locks rekey happen when you need to fix a lock, or change a key on the door in your home or business premises. They are different from a locks change as you do not need to change the entire lock; you can simply change the key to the lock. With a lock rekey, the locksmith makes new keys for a lock and then resets the lock mechanism to enable it to work with the new key. You should opt for a lock rekey when: –

  • You purchase a new home and are unsure of how many sets of your house keys are out there.
  • You have lost your key, or it is worn out.
  • You trusted your keys with someone who is no longer trustworthy such as an old employee or former housemate.

At ASAP Locksmith Las Vegas, we can create rekey a master key for you that opens all the doors at your premises, saving you from fumbling around a bunch of keys in an attempt to fit the right key into a lock. We can also rekey your locks and give you as many extra keys as you need.

When you have a good lock, you deter criminals and increase you safety and security exponentially. Call us today and choose to get serviced from ASAP Locksmith Las Vegas.




Be-aware of Fake Henderson Locksmiths

October 16, 2014
Be-aware of Fake Locksmiths

I am sure you are acquainted with the trouble of getting locked outside your adobe or automobile. The first thing that you would do is get some external help. You would either call a kinfolk or an associate ordemand them to deliver the extra set of key they have. But what if they can’t come; your subsequent choice would be calling a local locksmith. There are few things that you keep in mind before you make the call including verifying whether the locksmith you are calling is authenticated. Every locksmith Henderson NV that who placed an ad in the phone book does not mean he is a professional one. According to the nation’s customer protection agency FTC, Federal Trade Commission, every locksmith’s ad that appears in the local phone book does not imply that he is trustworthy; he may not be a local at all.  These people might not have professional training and chances are they might charge you extra and use intimidating tactics.

How to Determine Whether a Locksmith Company is Fake or Not

A company which is located far away from your town registers itself with a name familiar to one of the local locksmith and places an ad in the local telephone book. The company also places an ad over the internet and all the while it is using local address and local telephone number. When you require a Henderson locksmith and you call that particular number, you aren’t actually calling a local number instead you connect to a call center situated in another city. The worst thing is, there is no such shop at that given address. So when you call on that number rather than been connected to a local number you are connected to the call center.

Once you call on that number and put forward a request for a native locksmith, they will make one available for you. He may be untrained and non-professional. You may agree on a rate with them over the phone, but once the locksmith reaches your place, he will demand more. There are chances that the locksmith even accepts cash.

Many names are used by one Locksmith Company

Sometimes a single company is listed in the telephone directory with various names. So, when you call on anyone of those numbers as they go back to the same call center.When the locksmith arrives, often in aprivate car, he may demand more money. The locksmith also may accept only cash.

So to be on the safe side you should contact only the renowned and genuine locksmith companies.


Locksmith: Tips to Choose the Best

October 15, 2014
Locksmith Tips to Choose the Best

If you are looking for the best way to select a reputable locksmith, you have come to the right place. In this article we will give you some tips which will help you in locating and choosing the locksmith.

The first and foremost thing you should do before the need for locksmith arise you should search for one. In case you have gotten some security system at your place, then you don’t need to do the research for the locksmith. As, the company which provided you with the security system will also give provide you with a locksmith at the hour of need.

FTC Tips on Picking The Right Locksmith

But in case of emergency you don’t have the time to do a meticulous research. So no matter what the situation is either you are locked out of your house or out of your car, below are some of the tips provided by the FTC.

  1. Rather than picking any locksmith number from the phone directory, you should call a friend or a family member.
  2. If you locksmith company in the phone book has given its address, you should verify that address using the online address verifying websites.
  3. Write down the name and address of other valid locksmith companies for future references.
  4. When you call a locksmith company and the operator uses generic words such as “You have called a Locksmith Company, How may I help you?” You should then and there understand that it is a fake company. The real company would take its name rather than using generic words. But to be sure, you should as the operator for the legal name of the company and if he tells you the name this means the company is for real. But in case he refuses, then you should understand that it’s a fake company.
  5. Make sure that the locksmith is insured, because in case of damage while repairing he is the one who should pay for it. It is very important that they locksmith you use should be insured.
  6. There are nice states which require a locksmith license, so when you call in a locksmith you should ask for her business card along with the license.
  7. Be ready as the locksmith will also ask for your identification, a valid and legitimate locksmith will always ask for identification.
  8. Rarely does a locksmith use a private car, most of them uses the service vehicle which have the company’s monogram imprinted on it.